Machined Forgings


Machined forgings produced by Metal Ravne include rolls, shafts, mandrels, sleeves and bushes, rings and plates. The advantages of machined forgings are shared by both customer as well as producer:

  • more accurate US analysis,
  • surface free of defects,
  • elimination of dimensional deviations,
  • no problems with storage and cut material on the side of customer

Applications of Metal Ravne machined forgings

  • Mechanical engineering ( rolls, shafts…)
  • Hot-forming rolls ( for steel, aluminium, aluminium foil, …)
  • Mining industry (shafts, gears…)
  • Car industry ( dies, frames...)
  • Shipbuilding industry ( shafts, stabilizers …)
  • Metallurgical industry ( tools, mandrels, extrusion sleeves…)
  • Metalworking industry (sleeves, rings for cutting dies)
  • Energy industry  ( turbine shaft housing, sealing rings, shafts …)
  • Graphic industry (rolls for newspaper printing, …)


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