3rd SIJ Sales Conference take place between 6th - 8th of September 2017 in Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana. More than 160 delegates from 29 countries visited SIJ's conference.

First day our customers visited SIJ's companies and in the evening all participants gather in Ljubljana for welcome reception. Second day of conference started with welcome address by Mario Ivankovič, head of marketing in SIJ Group, he presentated SIJ strategy to year 2028. We continued with guests Mr. Josef Affenzeller, director of Research Coordination at AVL List GmbH, and Mr. Iztok Seljak, President of the Management Board, HIDRIA, who gave us insight in future trends, materials and technologies. After generals trends, we focused in trends in our industry, our companies prepared vision of steel trends in SIJ Group till 2028. But we were not just listening about inovation and trends, but we were also part of Inovation steel Zone. In workshops we were all inovators and creators of future trends.
Afternoon was spent in amazing surrounding of Postojna cave and dinner was accompanied by Mr. Ivo Boscarol, General manager and founder, PIPISTREL. His speech full of energy and strong messages impressed everyone present.