Career development

We allow our people to pursue their career development. With younger employees, we identify their talents and wishes, and try to direct and support them in their career development.

We are aware that company's development is strongly supported on development of individuals. The knowledge, experience and motivation of our employees are therefore of key importance for development of Metal Ravne.

High level of functional skills and qualifications of our employees as well as a continuous upgrading of the level of their skills are of our utmost concern. Specialists have the opportunity to continue their education in and outside our country borders. We arrange special training for our managerial employees which encourages development of their management potentials, laying down labour standards for work with people.

Employees who are interested in continuing their education are directed into formal educational programs to provide for their professional development and development of the knowledge in the company. 

SIJ Metal Ravne consistently follows legislation and applicable collective agreements and reward workers for overtime hours at a premium;, and pay workers in monetary means only and in full.