SITHERM S353R compliant with NADCA #207-2022

SITHERM S353R compliant with NADCA standard #207-2022

In December 2023, we received confirmation that SITHERM S353R steel has successfully passed the rigorous testing procedures of the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA). Upon the next release of the standard, SIJ Metal Ravne will be publicly listed as an approved supplier of this steel.

SITHERM S353R - the first choice for deamnding applications

SITHERM S353R is a modified W. Nr. 1.2367 steel, with improwed toughness. It is a versatile steel with an excellent combination of wear resistance and high fracture and impact toughness. It is often recognised in industry as the first choice in cases where standard steel grades do not meet the requirements.

Applications for SITHERM S353R

SITHERM S353R steel is primarily intended for hot-work applications. It is used for the production of tooling for high pressure die casting of aluminium and aluminium alloys, die forging, extrusion of profiles and injection moulding of plastics. It is produced exclusively by the electroslag remelting (ESR) process and is supplied to customers in the form of annealed forged blocks acc. to NADCA requirements. SITHERM S353R is not just a product, but the result of adapting our steels to the needs of the market.

Compliance with NADCA #207-2022

The confirmation of SITHERM S353R's compliance with NADCA #207-2022 represents an important milestone for SIJ Metal Ravne, as with the approval we have gained the status of an alternative supplier, which assures our customers that the steel meets the most stringent standards, further strengthening our position in the market.

SITHERM S353R is our second successfully certified steel. The certification of both steels to the NADCA standard confirms the quality of our products, reinforces customer confidence and strengthens our presence and reputation in demanding industries. Despite the success achieved, we will continue to work with NADCA as a proud member of the association.


NADCA, the North American Die Casting Association, is the trade association at the forefront of the North American die casting industry. Founded in 1989, NADCA has become an important source of information for the design, purchasing and production of die cast parts. As part of this, they issue detailed instructions for testing various steels and their key acceptance criteria such as microstructure, homogeneity and impact toughness. NADCA's commitment to maintaining high standards ensures the integrity and quality of materials in the die casting industry.

SITHERM S353R compliant with NADCA standard #207-2022